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9 Best Teacher Tools Need For Your Next Presentation

Do you offer teacher tools for presentation to other people, such as students, coworkers, or family members

teacher tools for presentation

Do you offer teacher tools for presentation to other people, such as students, coworkers, or family members? In today’s post here on the blog, I will discuss a few presenting tools that you could find useful for the next slide-based presentation you give. It’s possible that you won’t make use of all of them at the same time or for the same presentation, but I believe that you should give them some thought throughout this academic year.

The Importance of Teacher Tools for Presentations

Presentations are an integral part of a teacher’s life. They provide an opportunity to share knowledge, inspire students, and create an interactive learning environment. However, without the right tools, even the most compelling content can fall flat. Here’s why teacher tools are crucial:

On this list, I’ve included some examples of different sorts of tools that you may begin experimenting with right now. If you have attended one of the presentations that I have given in the previous few years, you are aware that one of my main pieces of advice is to make use of the tools that are currently available to you. If you already have a QR code generator that you like, for instance, you should continue to use that one rather than the one that I will propose further down.

Teacher Tools for Presentation to Create Perfect Images

teacher tools for presentation

Do you want to create the ideal picture for the next presentation you give?

Forget about searching for images on Google and go to a generator by TEACHER TOOLS FOR PRESENTATION. Adobe Firefly is an outstanding option for anyone looking for cost-free picture generation. Have a listen to this latest edition of my Easy EdTech Podcast if you are interested in enhancing the visual appeal of your next presentation using high-quality photographs.

Get Assistance Making Your Slides Here

It’s possible that you may use some assistance developing slides with teacher tools for presentation. Throughout this year, I’ve provided quite a few resources related to artificial intelligence on the blog, including one that will assist you in the creation of presentations. Curipod is an excellent choice that may assist you in reducing the amount of time spent creating slides on a broad range of subjects.

Customize Fonts and Colors

Canva is one of the numerous presentation tools available, and in my opinion, it is one of the best options for creating slides for your next presentation. You have access to a large selection of pre-made layouts, and you can immediately alter both the colors and the typefaces used throughout your deck. This might save you a significant amount of time.

Make QR codes

teacher tools for presentation

Are you going to make a reference to a digital resource in your next presentation? Include a QR code in your presentation slides. I am a big fan of QR codes, and there are many different programs available to easily generate one. It is one of the “quick action” items in Adobe Express that are interesting enough to warrant further investigation.

Share a Student Version

Create a version of your upcoming presentation that may be given to students (or anybody else may be in your audience). You have the option of sharing either a “view only” version or an interactive version of a presentation created in Google Slides. Both options are available to you. You can do this using Nearpod, which is one of the teacher tools for presentation that I like to use the most. For your next presentation, all that is required of you is to provide students with a link to a “self-paced” version of the material.

Introduce a Translator

teacher tools for presentation

Teacher tools for presentations, in which the translation tool is yet another useful tool to take into consideration for your next presentation. An audience that speaks more than one language may benefit from the use of a translation. You may want to look at using a product like Microsoft Translator, which comes with an excellent mobile app. The software may be downloaded to the participant’s smartphone, and then they can choose the language for their own captions that they have designed.

Include Captions

When we talk about captions, teacher tools for presentation also include the possibility of using captions as a component of your slide deck presentation. This functionality is already included in several presentation software programs, such as Google Slides. To produce and show the captions in real time while you are giving a presentation, all you have to do is make sure the caption toggle is turned on. It will then utilize your voice to generate the captions.

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Conclusion: Teacher Tools for Presentation

I put on a lot of seminars, both in-person and online, and I always try to make sure that there are chances for everyone to take part. When I’m dealing with a really large audience, such as when I’m giving a keynote address, I often utilize a program called Mentimeter to conduct a fast poll or to make a word cloud. Slido and Lumio are just two examples of the many presentation tools available today that include interactive elements directly in the software itself.

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