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Top10 Best Open-Source Data Analytics Tools and Software in 2023

Data Analytics Tools and software: from programmable artificial intelligence that sorts and analyzes the data to tools for data visualization

10 Best Analytics Software of 2023

Permit me to take you on a tour of the world of Data Analytics Tools and software: from programmable artificial intelligence that sorts and analyzes the data to tools for data visualization, we will cover all you need to know in order to choose the most appropriate data analytics software for your requirements.

These data analysis tools will be the thing that saves you time and changes the game for you, regardless of whether you are an experienced data scientist or a rookie in the industry.

What are the 5 types of data analytics?

The 5 types of data analytics are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, perspective, and cognitive data analytics.

Descriptive Data Analytics

Descriptive analytics is the data analysis process that includes examining past data(describing, illustrating, or summarizing data points) in order to gain insights and understand what has happened in the past. It is a method for finding connections and patterns in both recent and old data. Descriptive data analytics is used to summarize and describe data in a meaningful way. By analyzing past data with data analytics tools, you can better understand past performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

Diagnostic Data Analytics

The process of determining the reasons for something that has occurred in the past is referred to as diagnostic analytics. This kind of investigation examines patterns and correlations between several variables in order to discover the underlying reason. After determining what takes place using descriptive analytics, the next step that makes sense to do is diagnostic analysis. Diagnostic data analytics is used to examine and analyze the underlying cause of an issue, whether that problem is a decline in sales, an increase in customer churn, or a fall in website traffic. This may be done regardless of the kind of problem that has occurred.

Predictive Data Data Analytics

The form of analytics known as predictive analytics is the kind of analytics that makes use of data, statistical algorithms, and methods that are often employed in machine learning in order to derive the probabilities of future events, all based on data from the past. This kind of study may be used to make predictions about the behavior of customers, locate possible dangers, and maximize the efficiency of company procedures.

Perspective Data Analytics

The technique of evaluating data from a variety of points of view in order to get useful insights and a better comprehension of the intricate interactions that exist between variables is known as perspective analytics. Performing this kind of research on the data may assist you and your company in uncovering previously unknown patterns and relationships that were otherwise likely to go unnoticed.

Cognitive Data Analytics

The technique of applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence to evaluate unstructured data such as photos, videos, and natural language is referred to as cognitive analytics. It is possible to apply this kind of analysis to recognize patterns and trends in the data collected from social media platforms, consumer feedback, and other unstructured sources of information.

What is the best analytics software?

The data analytics program that is ideal for you is the one that precisely satisfies your requirements; nonetheless, there are a few essential components that the instrument you use to work with your data need to have. When selecting an analytics solution, you should place a strong emphasis on important aspects like data visualization, data integration, and predictive analytics.

It is essential to differentiate between software programs that have comparable characteristics by assessing the degree to which they are user-friendly, scalable, and provide quality assistance to their clientele. In this post, we have compiled a list of the top software currently available on the market, along with a brief description of its most important features, as well as its price and pricing model, all of which are important considerations when making a purchase choice.

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of these products include a variety of data analytics in some form or another, and that the classification shown here is but one of many possible ways to classify them.

Our directory of data analysis programs has been arranged in accordance with the many approaches to data analysis described in the prior section.

Descriptive Data Analytics:

10 Best Analytics Software of 2023

Google Analytics: Best Free Data Analytics Tool

Brief Synopsis

Google Analytics is a free application that gives comprehensive information in a single location for the purpose of analyzing data for companies. Through the use of data analytics, it assists users in better understanding the users of their website and app so that they can evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing, content, goods, and more.

To help consumers get the most value out of their data, Google Analytics offers useful insights as well as capabilities for machine learning. This program collaborates with Google’s advertising and publishing products to provide data and statistical analysis as well as improved business outcomes.

Featured phrases

Google Analytics provides critical consumer information that may be used to better understand the path of the customer and boost marketing return on investment. It offers a comprehensive comprehension of clients across all of their devices and platforms.

In addition to other features, the data analytics platform is equipped with a dependable measurement foundation that has built-in automation, user-friendly and adaptable reporting, and cross-platform attribution. Users are able to swiftly examine their data and engage with their teams because to the intuitive user interface and shareable reports that are provided by the software.
In addition, the data analytics software has built-in technical assistance as well as a worldwide infrastructure that provides customers with safe, reliable data across all of their websites and applications while allowing them to maintain complete control.

Google Analytics was developed to be compatible with other Google products so that customers may have a comprehensive knowledge of how their marketing efforts are doing and improve upon those efforts. Users may increase the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts by connecting Analytics with Google Ads, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Google Cloud, and Google Search Console.

The machine learning technology developed by Google is used by the data analytics software to assist users in gaining new and predicting insights from their own data.

The price

Cost nothing, however users have the option to pay for access to the whole set of software tools.
Starting at $12,500 per month, the Google Analytics 360 Plan is available.

In concluding

Google Analytics is well suited for use by companies of any size who are interested in better understanding how their consumers interact with their company in order to improve customer experiences and increase revenue. This data analytics tool may be used to acquire insights into marketing campaigns, discover difficulties with website traffic, and learn how clients engage with the website without breaking the money. All of these things can be accomplished at the same time.

Mix Panel: Best Scalable Solution

Brief Synopsis

Mixpanel is a robust data analytics platform that makes it possible to make data-driven decisions in a way that is both straightforward and efficient. It is intended to assist teams in seeing every facet of the customer experience in a clearer light, which will enable them to implement improvements that are effective.

Featured phrases

Mixpanel provides its consumers with a user interface that is straightforward, removing the need for SQL in the process of data exploration. Users are able to simply set up metrics to evaluate growth and retention, slice and dice data to discover patterns, and get real-time information on how other people are using their app.
Mixpanel’s scalable architecture is one of the most notable aspects of this application. Mixpanel is a great tool for both young enterprises and Fortune 100 companies since it scales to accommodate increasing amounts of data.
Using a Mixpanel Software Development Kit (SDK), users may stream data straight from any digital product.

The data analytics tool also provides developer documentation, which users may consult for assistance in determining which choice is most suitable for their respective infrastructures.
In addition, Mixpanel connects with an increasing number of CDPs, including Segment, making it possible to incorporate analytics into any technology stack in a seamless manner.
Users are also able to access reliable data from their warehouse by utilizing Reverse-ETL tools or the import API, which allows users to democratize analysis on their source of truth for all teams.
Mixpanel gives you the ability to analyze data in an unrestricted manner, ask questions and go deeper, recognize hidden patterns that lie behind a trend, and spot regressions.
Users are able to track their own growth and engagement, examine their retention rates, and make adjustments that increase client loyalty.
Mixpanel gives companies the ability to investigate their data and get an understanding of what is or is not working without the need for delays or SQL.

The price

  • Free Plan
  • Growth Plan from $20 per month
  • Enterprise Plan from $833 per month

Bottom line

Mixpanel is designed for people who want to better understand their data and utilize it to move their company ahead, regardless of whether or not they have the funding for data scientists and other data analysis tools. people who want to make data-driven choices in real time are the greatest candidates for using Mixpanel.

Segment: Best for Centralizing Data

10 Best Analytics Software of 2023

Segment is the industry’s premier customer data analytics platform, and it assists organizations with the collection, cleaning, and activation of their first-party data. Over 25,000 businesses put their faith in it, and it offers a comprehensive set of data management tools that can be used by any department inside an organization.

Marketers, product managers, and engineers all benefit from having access to a unified picture of the consumer because to Segment’s ability to capture events from online and mobile applications. This makes it possible for teams to provide tailored, omnichannel campaigns to real-time targeted audiences from a centralized data integration platform without having to depend on the efforts of other teams (it’s almost like having one of the greatest research repository tools).

Featured phrases

One of the most important aspects of Segment is its capacity to provide a comprehensive perspective of the client by consolidating all of their interactions, regardless of the platform or channel they use.
In addition, the real-time audiences that Segment provides enable teams to target the appropriate consumer with the appropriate message at the appropriate moment. Because of this functionality, teams are also able to construct audiences and develop real-time campaigns without having to depend on the efforts of other teams.
The capability of Segment to activate over 400 marketing tools in real time is another one of its notable features. This capability makes it simple for teams to offer unified and tailored experiences to customers.
In addition to these features, the data analytics tool provides users with best-in-class SDKs, a single API for collecting analytics data across all platforms, and a SQL query.
Users of Segment are granted the ability to deploy custom functions, construct any integration with as little as 10 lines of JavaScript, and unify marketing, engineering, and analytics teams with a common data dictionary.

The price

  • Free Plan
  • Team Plan starts at $120 per month
  • Business Plan is custom-tailored

Bottom line

Segment is intended for marketers, product managers, and engineers who want to empower every team with good data. The software is best used for collecting and unifying customer data from various platforms and channels, creating real-time audiences, and delivering personalized, omnichannel campaigns. It is also useful for launching products with the best analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools and building a privacy-first data pipeline while accelerating compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations.

Medallia: Best for Customer Feedback Analysis

Brief Synopsis

Medallia is software for managing customer feedback that is aimed to provide businesses a comprehensive perspective of their consumers from every conceivable angle. It lets companies to acquire insights on consumers through social media, voice analytics, ticketing systems, digital activity, and transcripts, enabling them to prioritize activities and forecast customer behavior (you can also get these transcripts by using some of the best transcription tools). It also enables businesses to access these transcripts using some of the best transcription tools. Medallia’s artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and learning engine are all customized to work with experience data. They also give data-driven coaching at important decision points, which makes it simple to identify emerging patterns and anticipate client requirements.

The software developed by Medallia allows organizations to exert control over experiences as they are taking place by delivering information in real time to the appropriate individuals within the company.

Featured phrases

The program is quite adaptable and provides out-of-the-box interfaces for popular systems in addition to sophisticated, robust APIs and ETL that can be used to extract useful information from all of the data. Because of this, using the tool and taking action to effect changes in experiences is made very simple.

Athena, Medallia’s artificial intelligence technology layer, is one of the product’s most notable features. Athena transforms customer, employee, and product journey data collected across a variety of channels into a 360-degree perspective that prompts users to take action in order to enhance experiences. Medallia empowers every employee, from the C-suite to the frontline, to take action on the problems’ underlying causes by providing them with tailored reports, simplified workflows, and AI-driven topic and theme-based alerts via the usage of its Athena platform.
Medallia offers companies analytics on which they are able to take action without requiring the company to write any code. The adaptive machine learning models that the tool uses allow it to automatically become better over time, which helps to decrease the amount of work that has to be done by the team.

Athena Studio, which is included in the platform, makes it possible for businesses to generate bespoke AI models and analytics for unstructured data without having to write any code. This makes it much simpler for teams to construct AI models.


The program may be used most effectively for assessing each and every experience, finding new patterns, forecasting the demands of customers, monitoring the impact of actions taken, ranking the importance of action areas, and studying themes in real time across any segment or data source.

Medallia is geared at companies that want to understand, predict, and enable proactive engagement at every encounter. The software offers analytics for every aspect of a company’s operations, including text analytics, speech analytics, journey analytics, prescriptive analytics, and benchmarking.

Alida: The Best Option for Providing a Superior Experience to Customers

10 Best Analytics Software of 2023

Brief Synopsis

Alida Data Analytics Tools is an all-encompassing platform for Total Experience Management (TXM), which enables customers to provide feedback quickly and reliably at scale. It is a customer experience (CX) platform that is focused on communities and depends on a verified, engaged, and fully profiled community of consumers at the appropriate moment to gather the most useful input.

Highlights Alida provides reliable data and insights that regularly exceed 50 percent audience response rates, the ability to test and validate with larger representative audiences, agility and faster speed to insights to achieve better return on investment (ROI), and customer communities built to achieve more profound relationships with customers over the course of time. Alida is utilized by 176 million individuals all around the world, and these users have contributed over 60,000 customer experiences and projects with their insights via the platform that Alida provides.

The Community Experience (CX) model that Alida has developed is centered on the idea of putting the community at the center of the CX strategy that is established. The platform gives companies the ability to access the appropriate customers at the appropriate moment, analyze data in order to delve deeper into the truth about consumers, take action based on trustworthy insights and data, and recognize the influence of customers.

By giving deeper insights into their consumers, Alida TXM enables companies to make smarter choices more quickly. This, in turn, enables businesses to differentiate themselves within their sector, introduce new offers, access new markets, and even pivot with ease while maintaining their confidence.

The price

Alida offers a variety of pricing plans that are adaptable to accommodate customers of all types. Pricing information is available upon request.


Alida is best suited for companies who are facing difficulties that are becoming more complicated, such as inflation, hurdles in supply chain, and diminishing brand confidence. Alida TXM is able to assist businesses in any industry get access to difficult-to-reach audiences, therefore improving their knowledge of their consumers and allowing them to make more informed business choices. The media, technology, banking, securities & investment, retail, and healthcare sectors are all good candidates for the platform.

Alida TXM gives this always-on access to real-time replies, which is necessary for a CX platform to be successful. Everyone involved in the CX platform, from marketing to HR to product development, should have rapid and simple access to the important customer feedback that influences choices that can make or break a business. With Alida, organizations can increase their ROI by 10 times by gaining 10 times more insights in 10 times less time.

The Top Obtaining Digital Insights Data Analytics Tools

Brief Synopsis

Heap Analytics is a platform for data analytics and digital insights that gives users with a comprehensive view of the digital journeys of their customers. This enables the users to quickly enhance conversion rates, customer retention rates, and customer satisfaction levels.

Featured phrases

Because the platform records the whole of the digital experience enjoyed by each and every user across all platforms, there is no longer any need for engineering.
Heap Analytics, which has over one hundred different connectors, provides consumers with the appropriate information at the appropriate time in their journey.
Even on user behaviors that they have not been watching, the powerful data science capabilities of Heap alert users to important times of friction and opportunity in their digital experience. This is similar to the functionality of one of the most effective user research tools.
Additionally, the platform provides session replay, which gives customers the ability to get complete information on every user activity.

The price

Pricing information is not made public by Heap, although the following options are available:

Free Growth Plan to help you expand your new business
Pro Prepare to take your analytics to the next level.
To get agile insights for cross-functional teams, the Premier Plan is the way to go.
In concluding,

Heap Analytics is a platform for analyzing data that is designed to be used by digital experience creators that are interested in developing exceptional digital experiences. Users are given the ability to make choices that are data-driven, which ultimately leads to improved business results as a result of the platform’s features and capabilities.

FullStory is the best digital experience intelligence platform, according to Diagnostic Data Analytics.

Brief Synopsis

FullStory is a digital experience intelligence platform that provides insights to assist organizations in providing their consumers with high-quality digital experiences. By using a technique called proprietary auto-capture, companies who utilize FullStory are able to monitor their entire digital experience and pinpoint the areas in which customers are having difficulty with their website, mobile app, or software platform.

Over 11,000 of the most prominent internet sites utilize FullStory, including L’Occitane, SytnerGroup, William Hill, and Elvie. FullStory is the most trusted name in internet Experience Intelligence, and it is used by these renowned digital destinations. The program provides customers with a comprehensive picture of their user experience data, recorded automatically and retrospectively, all in one location (although, if you are looking for a particular software for user testing, check out some of the top user testing tools). This gives users an edge over their competitors.

Featured phrases

FullStory’s Data Analytics Tools X-ray insight into the digital experience is referred to as DXI, which stands for Digital Experience Intelligence. With DXI, businesses are able to track the metrics that are most important to their business goals, watch problems exactly how they played out with session replay and heatmaps, all without compromising user privacy, and sync FullStory data with their warehouse in order to map the entire omnichannel experience and see every path that leads customers to conversions.

One of the most valuable aspects of FullStory is its auto-capture technology, which discloses everything that was previously unknown and enables organizations to discover solutions to issues they hadn’t even considered asking.

Businesses are able to swiftly discover underlying causes or chances for improvement by using the program, and then prioritize improvements by measuring the effect of those changes. The exclusive auto-capture technology developed by FullStory enables companies to enhance the experience of their customers by observing how those customers travel inside a single tab or across numerous tabs. Because of this feature, companies like Lowe’s have been able to save millions of dollars and put those formerly wasted hours and resources to better use (perhaps by using one of the most advanced artificial intelligence time management applications).

Users are able to provide feedback on what they like about the program as well as the reasons why they decide to quit, which enables organizations to prioritize the tasks that have the most effect on their bottom line.

FullStory also offers qualitative information by way of its capabilities that allow users to replay sessions and see heatmaps.

The dashboard provided by FullStory makes it simple to monitor and improve the quality of the user experience by displaying critical data such as a reduction in the number of furious clicks, an increase in the number of conversions, and a drop in the number of JavaScript errors.
Because the software provides an open application programming interface (API) and a growing library of integrations, it is simple to exploit the full potential of users’ data by making use of the whole spectrum of the users’ data tools.

The price

FullStory offers three pricing tiers but doesn’t disclose the pricing. You can request a demo before committing to a plan.

  • Business Plan
  • Advanced Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Bottom line

FullStory is best used by businesses looking to provide quality digital experiences to their customers. The software is intended for product managers, engineers, designers, and marketers who want to improve their users’ experience, build better experiences efficiently and effectively, and optimize their website, mobile app, or software platform. FullStory provides privacy protections for faster optimization, private-by-default settings, industry-leading security practices, and automatic PII detection, providing brands with the peace of mind they need to build faster.

LogRocket: Best Mobile Device Tool

10 Best Analytics Software of 2023

Pricing is different for mobile devices and the online, but for the sake of this discussion, we will focus on the web. To see prices for mobile devices, please go here.

Plan Gratuitous Team Plan Available for $99 Per Month
At a cost of $550 per month for the Professional Plan
Pricing for the Enterprise Plan is based on your specific needs and may be discussed by contacting us.


The program is designed for software teams, and its purpose is to provide complete views of user experiences across online and mobile applications. This enables software teams to give the greatest possible web and mobile experiences to end users. It is finest used for resolving difficulties that have been reported by users, comprehending each and every bug and issue that has been reported by users, locating and prioritizing the most significant technical and user experience concerns, and improving conversion and adoption rates.

Brief Synopsis

Usabilla is a solution for customer feedback that helps companies to enhance their customer experience by collecting real-time input across all digital channels. This feedback may be collected via the Usabilla platform. Usabilla has more than ten years of expertise working in the digital customer experience business, and as a result, the industry’s most prominent brands have put their faith in the company to deliver insights and comprehend the “why” behind their data. Usabilla provides users with a variety of options to choose from, including Usabilla for Websites, Usabilla for Apps, and Usabilla for Email. Each of these options is meant to gather feedback from the specific channels that they are associated with.


Asking consumers the appropriate questions at the appropriate time in their customer journey enables them to make more well-informed choices, and this capability is one of the most valuable aspects of Usabilla.

Additionally, the elimination of assumptions and the acquisition of true data from website visitors is made possible for companies with Usabilla for Websites. This helps the firms to proactively enhance their conversion rates.

The mobile app experience may be made better with the assistance of Usabilla for Apps by incorporating feedback into the app in a way that is seamless and by targeting users at a particular point in their user journey.

In the meanwhile, Usabilla for Email offers data that extends beyond open and click-through rates and assists companies in communicating effectively with the target demographics of their email messages.

Usabilla is able to link with a wide variety of technologies that are currently in use by organizations, such as Salesforce and Slack, which enables businesses to enhance their data and make more informed decisions.
Businesses are able to produce actionable reports, assess effect in a number of different ways, and recruit participants for external focus groups all with the help of Usabilla.

The price

priced uniquely for you depending on the requirements you have specified. If interested, please inquire. There is also a demo version available for download.

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In a nutshell, Usabilla is an adaptable customer feedback solution that is trusted by industry leaders. It enables organizations to gather real-time feedback across all digital channels, therefore removing the need for assumptions and allowing informed decision-making. It is unique in that it is able to ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate times and that it can integrate with a large number of different kinds of solutions.

Usabilla is designed for companies who wish to increase the quality of their research data by adding actionable consumer insights and study the behavior of their customers in order to make adjustments that are customer-centric across their entire company.

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