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What Is WhatsApp Call Link And How to Create it (2023)

We will discuss WhatsApp Call Links in this article, as well as how to make them.

What Is WhatsApp Call Link? How to Create it


WhatsApp is a well-known messaging service that lets users make text, phone, and video chats. It’s capacity to make WhatsApp Call Links is one of its practical advantages. We will discuss WhatsApp Call Links in this article, as well as how to make them.

Users can start a call on WhatsApp with only one click thanks to special URLs called WhatsApp Call Links. Without the burden of saving contact information or manually dialing numbers, users may join a group call, connect with a person over the phone, or even join a business call by clicking on a WhatsApp Call Link.

Understanding WhatsApp Call Links’ Use Case

The main objective of WhatsApp Call Links is to streamline and make calling on WhatsApp easier. WhatsApp Call Links offer a quick way to communicate with individuals without the need to exchange phone numbers or save contacts, whether it’s for personal conversation or business-related discussions.

Advantages of WhatsApp Call Links

Using WhatsApp Call Links has a number of advantages. First off, it removes the requirement for exchanging contact information, making it simpler to start calls with new or transitory connections. Second, WhatsApp Call Links can be distributed through a variety of channels, including websites, emails, and social media, enabling companies to offer their clients an easy and direct calling experience. The communication procedure can be further streamlined by customizing WhatsApp Call Links to include pre-filled texts.

How to Create a WhatsApp Call Link in Steps

Use these steps to create a WhatsApp Call Link:

(If applicable) creating a WhatsApp Business account

Consider creating a WhatsApp Business Account if you are a company or professional wishing to use WhatsApp Call Links for your clients. You will then have access to more services created especially for use by businesses.

How to get the WhatsApp Call Link

Open your favorite web browser and type “was. me/XXXXXXXXXXX” into the URL bar to get a WhatsApp call link. Substitute the recipient’s phone number in the international format, excluding the “+” sign and any other special characters, for “XXXXXXXXXXX”. The URL would be “was. me/1234567890” for a phone number like +1234567890.

Making the WhatsApp Call Link Your Own

You can modify the behavior of the call by including more parameters in the WhatsApp Call Link. For instance, by adding “?text=Hello” to the URL, you can include a pre-written message. The instant the link is clicked, the word “Hello” will immediately appear in the chat window.

The Best Ways to Use WhatsApp Call Links

Linking to WhatsApp calls on websites and in emails

Consider adding WhatsApp Call Links in key places if you have a website or send emails as part of your company communications. For instance, you could include a “Call Now” button on your website’s contact page that, when clicked, immediately places a WhatsApp call. Similar to this, add WhatsApp Call Links to your email signatures to provide people with a quick and easy option to contact you.

Social media promotion of WhatsApp call links

Utilise social media’s influence to advertise your WhatsApp Call Links. Share updates or posts with a call link that emphasizes the advantages of corresponding via WhatsApp. This improves engagement and communication by making it simple for your audience to call you.

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Call Links on WhatsApp for Business Communication

Businesses can use WhatsApp Call to improve their channels for customer service and communication. Use Call Links in marketing campaigns, for instance, to entice potential clients to get in touch for questions or consultations. Incorporate Call Links into your social media adverts to increase traffic to your WhatsApp business account and facilitate personalized interactions and sales.

Increasing the SEO of WhatsApp call links

Think about the following tactics to make sure your WhatsApp call are visible to users and optimized for search engines:

Research and Targeting of Keywords

Conduct keyword research to find phrases and terms that are pertinent to your business or sector. Include these keywords in the meta descriptions, anchor text, and meta tags that surround your WhatsApp call. This makes it more likely that your links will show up in pertinent search results because it aids search engines in understanding the context and relevance of the material.

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Meta tags and descriptions with WhatsApp call links

Please remember to include WhatsApp Call in the meta tags and descriptions when posting content to websites or social media. This raises the likelihood that your links will be prominently displayed and gives search engines and social media platforms more information about the content.

Using Anchor Text for Links to WhatsApp Calls

Instead of utilizing generic phrases like “click here” or “contact us,” use anchor text that is descriptive and contains pertinent keywords. For illustration, use anchor text such as “Schedule a WhatsApp Call” or “Connect with Us on WhatsApp.” This not only enhances user experience but also clarifies the link’s goal for search engines.

Success Evaluation for WhatsApp Call Links

It’s critical to monitor and evaluate pertinent indicators in order to assess the performance of your WhatsApp Call and optimize your strategy. Think about the metrics listed below when determining success:

Monitoring WhatsApp Call Link Activity

Track the number of clicks, conversions, and general interactions with your WhatsApp Call using analytics tools. This information offers perceptions into the efficiency of your Call and aids in locating areas for development.

User Engagement and Conversion Rates Analysis

Observe user actions after selecting a WhatsApp Call. Analyse call statistics like average call time, conversion rates, and call volume. You can utilize this data to spot patterns, comprehend user preferences, and improve your communication tactics.


For both personal and professional calls on the platform, WhatsApp Call offers a simple and effective solution. You can improve user experience, encourage engagement, and make connecting with others easier by integrating WhatsApp calls into your communication channels and optimizing them for SEO. To evaluate the effectiveness of your WhatsApp Call tactics and make data-driven improvements, stay proactive in recording and analyzing KPIs.


Through a WhatsApp Call Link, can anyone place a WhatsApp call?
Yes, you can start a WhatsApp call if the person who clicks the link has WhatsApp installed on their smartphone.

WhatsApp Call: Are they safe?
Your discussions and calls are secure because WhatsApp Call employs end-to-end encryption.

Can group calls be made using WhatsApp Call?
Absolutely! For both one-on-one and group calls, WhatsApp calls may be created, making it simple to communicate with several individuals at once.

Can WhatsApp Call Links be applied to a professional setting?
Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Call is a useful tool for companies. They can be used to create direct and individualized communication channels with customers through marketing campaigns, websites, and social media.

Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp Calls between platforms?
Yes, WhatsApp Calls can be distributed over a variety of channels, including websites, emails, social media, and messaging applications. This adaptability enables smooth accessibility and communication.

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