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How to Request Read Receipts in Microsoft Outlook (2023)

Read Receipts

Effective communication is essential for both personal and professional interactions in the digital age. Knowing if the receiver has viewed your email can be useful when sending crucial communications. You can ask for confirmation when someone reads your email using the “Read Receipts” feature in Microsoft Outlook, a popular email client. We will walk you through the steps of enabling and requesting read receipts in Microsoft Outlook in this article.

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Knowing how to read receipts

Let’s first define read receipts before moving on to the steps. A read receipt is a confirmation that an email receiver has opened and read your message. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your email was received and read by the appropriate recipient. This function is especially helpful when you need to keep track of crucial messages or when prompt responses are essential.

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Receipt Read Etiquette: A Guide

When using read receipts, good manners must be observed. Read receipts are useful, but they shouldn’t be used to monitor receivers or demand a quick response. Recognize that the recipient may have their own priorities and workload, and respect their time.

Activating Read Receipts in Outlook

Follow these easy steps to start using read receipts in Microsoft Outlook:

Getting to Outlook’s Options

On your computer, launch Microsoft Outlook, and then select the “File” tab near the top-left corner of the window. Choose “Options” from the drop-down menu.

Setting Read Receipt Options

Select “Mail” from the list of options in the left sidebar of the Outlook Options window. You’ll find the “Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message” option in the “Tracking” section if you scroll down. To save the changes, select “Check” next to this choice and then click “OK”.

Getting Read Receipts for Specific Emails

Let’s look at how to ask for read receipts for certain emails now that you have enabled them:

Write a New Email

To create a new email, launch Microsoft Outlook and select the “New Email” button.

Enabling Read the Email Receipt

Navigate to the “Options” tab in the ribbon at the top of the new email window. Check the “Request a Read Receipt” box under the “Tracking” group. Outlook will now ask the recipient to send a read receipt when they open your email.

Asking for Read Receipts for Every Sent Email

Using Outlook, you may automatically request read receipts for every email you send by following these steps:

Getting to Outlook’s Options

The “File” tab is located in the top left corner of Microsoft Outlook. Choose “Options” from the drop-down menu.

Making Default Message Options Configurable

Select “Mail” from the list of options in the left sidebar of the Outlook Options window. Under “Tracking,” in the “Send messages” section, scroll down and check the box next to “Request a read receipt for all sent messages.” To save the changes, click “OK”. Every email you send from this point forward will automatically contain a request for a read receipt.

In charge of reading receipts

Once you begin seeking read receipts, it’s crucial to understand how to efficiently manage and track them. Here are some pointers:

Follow-up on Read Receipts

The read receipts tracking tool in Outlook is available. You may see the status of each sent email by opening the “Sent Items” folder. The recipient has read the email and sent a read receipt if the icon has two green checkmarks.

Managing Unanswered or Ignored Questions Observe Receipts

The request may occasionally be disregarded or the recipient may decide not to provide a read receipt. It’s crucial to respect their preferences in these situations and refrain from inferring anything based on the lack of a receipt. If a response is received, use another method of communication or follow up nicely.

Privateness Issues

While read receipts are useful, it’s important to respect the recipient’s privacy and follow their wishes. Here are a few things to think about:

Regarding the Preferences of the Recipient

It’s possible that some recipients have disabled or decided not to send read receipts by default. If they have specifically chosen not to receive read receipts, it is crucial to respect their privacy preferences and not ask for them.

Limitations and Challenges Recognised

Read receipts offer a certain amount of validation, but they are not error-proof. The delivery and tracking of read receipts may be impacted by technical difficulties, email settings, or recipient behavior. As a result, it’s crucial to be aware of the restrictions and not rely exclusively on read receipts for crucial conversations.


Microsoft Outlook read receipt requests can improve your email communication by confirming message delivery and readership. You can activate read receipts, request them for particular emails, or set up automatic requests for all sent messages by following the straightforward instructions in this article. However, it’s critical to address privacy issues when using read receipts and to be aware of their limitations.

You can make sure essential conversations are acknowledged and gain a better picture of how your emails are being received with read receipts. Respect the recipient’s preferences and utilise this function carefully.


Is it possible to ask for a read receipt for each email I send?
By changing the default message parameters, you can set up Outlook to automatically request a read receipt for every sent message.

Will the receiver be aware that I asked for a read receipt?
Yes, the receiver will be prompted to send a receipt when they open your email if you enable read receipt requests.

What happens if the recipient rejects the request for a read receipt?
The request for a receipt might be declined or disregarded by the recipient. You won’t get an indication that their email has been read in these circumstances.

For emails I’ve already sent, is it possible to track read receipts?
Yes, you may do this in Outlook by accessing the “Sent Items” folder. Indicating that the recipient has read the email and sent a read receipt is the double green checkmark indicator.

Can you trust it?
It offers a certain amount of proof, but they are not perfect. The distribution and monitoring of them may be affected by technical difficulties or recipient preferences. It’s critical to be aware of their limitations.

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