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10 Best AI-powered habit-tracking tools in 2023

AI-powered habit tracking tools may help drive you to reach your objectives, whether they are to read more books, exercise consistently

10 AI-powered habit-tracking tools

Have you ever desired to form healthier routines and habits but found it difficult to follow through with your plans? You are not alone yourself. The monitoring of habits may be difficult, but fortunately, there are now a number of excellent technological solutions available that make use of AI-powered habit-tracking tools to assist in making the process simpler. These AI-powered habit tracking tools may help drive you to reach your objectives, whether they are to read more books, exercise consistently, learn to code, or just enhance your productivity.

They give encouragement and prizes, as well as reminders, insights into your routines and success, and establish goals for you to ensure that you stay on track. In this article, we will discuss ten of the most effective artificial intelligence (AI) habit trackers. With this information, you will be able to choose the AI habit tracker that is most suited to your requirements and, as a result, finally make headway on the resolutions or habits you’ve been trying to create.

The role of AI-powered habit tracking tools in our lives

The way we go about our everyday lives is largely determined by our habits. They have an impact on a significant proportion of our everyday actions, the majority of which they do so behind our backs. Developing positive habits and eliminating negative ones may have a big influence on your degree of success in life, as well as your level of productivity, your health, and the quality of your relationships.

Why is it essential to track habits?

Keeping a log of your routines might assist you in being more self-aware of what it is that you really do on a daily basis, which is necessary prior to implementing any beneficial changes. By gaining an awareness of your routines and actions, you will be able to construct more beneficial habits and maintain them with greater ease. The following is a list of some of the most important advantages of keeping track of habits:


Monitoring one’s habits may encourage neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain’s capacity to reorganize and change. You may strengthen neural connections and make it easier for your brain to adapt to good changes and break free from negative ones if you consistently practice and reinforce new behaviors. This can be accomplished via regular practice and reinforcement.

Enhanced confidence

Keeping tabs on your routines and being able to effectively achieve them will boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you feel like you’ve done something, whether it be a daily or weekly goal, it can do wonders for your self-image and boost your confidence in your talents.

Improved discipline

When you make a commitment to carrying out regular behaviors over a period of time, keeping track of your routines might help you become more self-disciplined.

Better time management

Habit tracking allows you to more efficiently manage your time since it allows you to prioritize and schedule your habits into your daily routine. This may, over time, lead to increased time management skills, which in turn reduces procrastination and increases productivity.

Long-term behavior change

Tracking your habits over time has been shown to be an effective method for making changes to your lifestyle in a way that is not only long-lasting but also maintainable in the long run. For example, if you want to get into the habit of working out, keeping track of your exercises on a regular basis might help you lead an overall healthier lifestyle. If you maintain a log of the exercises you do on a regular basis and measure your improvement, you may be able to gradually increase your fitness levels and create advantages that will last for a longer period of time.

To celebrate wins

It is important to recognize and reward oneself for every success, regardless of how little the accomplishment may seem. Keeping a log of daily routines enables you to acknowledge your successes, maintain your motivation, and continue with the pursuit of your long-term objectives.

10 AI-powered habit-tracking tools

10 AI-powered habit tracker tools to try

Utilizing the appropriate instrument for the task at hand may make a world of difference when it comes to establishing healthy routines and maintaining them over time. You are in luck since there are several amazing habit trackers driven by that AI-powered habit tracker tools are available to aid you in maintaining your progress. The following are my top 10 selections:


The habit-tracking mobile application known as Goaly is really simple to use and syncs up flawlessly with your Google Calendar. It is the same as having a personal planner for your goals right by your side. Whether it’s going to the gym on a regular basis, picking up a new language, or reading more books, you’ll finally be able to achieve those elusive long-term objectives with the help of Goaly. It relieves the stress associated with time management, allowing you to concentrate on what is actually important — namely, your goals.

Featured items

  • Because Goaly connects directly into your Google Calendar, you can be certain that your objectives will flow incongruously with your calendar.
  • You may quickly indicate that you have achieved your objectives by hitting the “Did it” button right from your Google Calendar.
  • By using interactive graphs and charts, as well as frequent alerts, you can keep a close check on your progress toward achieving your goals.
  • Within the confines of a single app, Goaly serves not just as a habit tracker but also as a flexible routine planner.

Habit driven

The mobile application known as Habit driven is intended to assist you in accomplishing your objectives by assisting in the building of habits, monitoring of those habits, and providing AI-guided insights. Because of its user-friendly design and straightforward layout, keeping track of daily routines is a breeze with this app, and its integrated artificial intelligence gives individualized coaching to keep you on the right road.

Featured items

  • Because of its well-thought-out architecture and intuitive user interface, using Habit driven throughout the day is a breeze.
  • Adjust the ways that you keep track of your habits so that they suit your needs, whether that be a simple yes/no, amount of time spent per day, number of pages read per day, or a satisfaction score.
  • Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to translate your data into relevant reports and insights in order to successfully measure your progress.
  • Receive guidance from a subject matter expert provided by your very own chatbot on developing and maintaining healthy routines in a variety of areas related to personal growth.
  • You can conveniently access and enter information across all of your devices by using text commands or voice commands instead than typing. is the ultimate time management tool, created for those who are driven to make the most of each and every minute in their lives. This tool is a dream and goal-setting instrument that makes use of the Plan-Do-Learn cycle and is based on both scientific research and practical experience. It is not only a habit tracker; rather, it is an all-encompassing system that is meant to aid you in materializing your aspirations and successfully reaching your objectives.

Featured items

  • Enjoy a beautiful UI that also includes helpful hints for increasing your productivity.
  • Maintain an accurate record of your progress.
  • Effortlessly create and manage your chores, routines, and long-term objectives.
  • Improve your time management by drawing a timeline of the things you need to do.

Within the realm of developing good habits, serves as your digital coach. You won’t need to download complicated programs or stick to complicated scripts; all you have to do is talk to your trainer. It monitors your streaks, notifies you with helpful reminders, and offers insightful guidance to help you stay on track. At any moment, day or night, whether you need a pick-me-up or some words of encouragement, it will be there for you, ready to assist you in achieving success.

Featured items

  • Take pleasure in a straightforward and user-friendly experience that does not need the installation of any applications or the execution of difficult scripts.
  • Maintain a high level of motivation by establishing streaks and rewarding significant accomplishments.
  • Stay on track with daily SMS reminders personalized to your objectives.
  • You will be able to monitor your progress and make modifications based on the helpful insights and reports you will get.
  • Get individualized advice and assistance exactly when you want it, around the clock and always available.

10 AI-powered habit-tracking tools

Not your average calendar software, is more of a scheduling wizard than anything else. Your day may be optimized for maximum productivity by using, whether you want to focus on your duties, your routines, or even some well-deserved pauses. Imagine that you had a personal assistant that makes sure you always have time for the things that are really important to you. restores harmony to your life by eliminating the need for nonstop appointments and never-ending to-do lists.

Featured items

  • Effortlessly plan your tasks and organize them in order of priority based on either the deadline or the priority.
  • Automate the process of scheduling your recurrent habit routines around the events in your calendar.
  • By comparing the two calendars, you may choose the most convenient time for one-on-one meetings.
  • It is important to build in buffer time gaps in between consecutive obligations.
  • Conduct an analysis of production data in order to fine-tune your weekly agenda.
  • As your schedule changes, maintain your flexibility by using adaptive time blocking.


Do you feel as if you are continuously engaged in a battle against procrastination? Chivvy has arrived to be of assistance. Automatic monitoring of your progress helps to keep you on your toes and in the game. And if you’re the kind of person who works best under pressure, Chivvy’s TwitterControlTM function takes things to the next level by placing your procrastination in front of your Twitter followers.

Featured items

  • The iOS Health app and the Google Fit connection allow you to automatically monitor your progress toward achieving your health and fitness objectives.
  • Prepare yourself for a barrage of alerts that will serve to keep you accountable.
  • Utilize Chivvy’s Twitter Control TM to turn the stress of meeting deadlines into a source of inspiration.

AI habit tracker generator – taskade

Taskade’s habit tracker generator makes it simpler to stay on track with regard to one’s own personal growth. It’s an easy application that gives you fast access to the ability to construct habit trackers. In addition to that, it may be used in a variety of ways by the team. You are able to modify your projects to meet all of your specific requirements.

Featured items

  • Immediately setup trackers for your habits.
  • Personalize template documents for use by both you and your team.
  • Add your own unique touch to your projects. is your own health and wellness assistant. It focuses on a person’s physical health, mindfulness, social relationships, and education in order to inspire them to make better choices via the use of AI. Through the use of Google Fit, you can easily keep track of your steps, manage your sleep habits, and remain connected with your most important relationships. It’s more than just an app; it’s a comprehensive strategy for becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Featured items

  • Utilizing Google Fit, you may have your level of physical activity automatically tracked.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep by keeping track of the things that wake you up throughout the night.
  • Maintain communication with your most important connections.
  • You will be able to see your progress and will get individualized advice.
  • Invite a good buddy to help you achieve your objectives more quickly.


Habitomic is an artificial intelligence-driven habit tracker and planner that helps you streamline your everyday routine. Your own personal AI assistant, known as “Mana,” provides you with individualized advice based on the characteristics that make you who you are. You will be able to jumpstart your path to success if you have a selection of smaller habits from which to pick. You may personalize your weekly plan, maintain a private journal, and read a wide variety of articles with Habitomic, which serves as your full arsenal for developing habits.

Featured items

  • Have a conversation with “Mana” to get individualized advice.
  • Gain access to a collection of more manageable habits to help you get started on your path.
  • Pick one of several behaviors organized into a number of distinct categories.
  • You may personalize your weekly plan by adding various reminders and frequency options.
  • You should keep a personal notebook in which you record your ideas and emotions.

10 AI-powered habit-tracking tools

Harold the habit tracker

When it comes to recording habits, Harold the Habit Tracker takes a refreshingly straightforward approach. Because it communicates with users through WhatsApp or SMS, there is no need to master complicated app interfaces. Daily check-ins, weekly progress reports, and inspirational quotations are all things that Harold will send to you directly via the messaging platform you choose. The maintenance of your routines will be more simpler and more pleasant if you use this approach.

Featured items

  • Take pleasure in a straightforward experience while using WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Maintain easy track of a number of routines.
  • Get updates on your progress every day, every week, and every month.
  • To keep yourself motivated, gather some inspirational quotations and useful ideas.

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Cognitive neuroscience of habit formation

Throughout the day, while you go about your activities, your brain is constantly recreating itself. This process strengthens the connections between neurons that fire together. These connections give rise to neural pathways, which constitute the underlying biological structure of routines and capabilities. The more you repeat a certain behavior, the more ingrained it becomes in your brain. This is how novel actions may eventually become established in a person.

Once a pattern of behavior has been ingrained, your brain will automatically engage that particular neural pathway in response to a cue from the outside world. You switch to the autopilot mode. Because of this, we won’t need to give much thought to the turns while we drive to work. The disadvantage of doing things in this manner is that poor habits may easily become automatic. The first step in altering habits is to develop an awareness of your triggers and surroundings, followed by a strategy to implement new routines into your life.

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